The Right to Speak Vocal Coach Colchester

The way we stand tells us lots about what we are feeling and thinking – it’s called body language. The way we stand also affects the way we sound.

We have to make sure our head is naturally on top of the spine. Our shoulders are free released and relaxed, any tension will affect the sound. We need to relax the stomach muscles and make sure our knees are soft and finally our feet have a good connection with the floor.

At this point it will useful if you spend some time observing yourself. When you walk past a shop window, use the opportunity to see how your weight is balanced , whether you lean forward or backwards or both.

Talk; recite a poem or tell yourself a story. What happens as you begin the action of talking. When you open your mouth, do you throw your head back? When you stand,  do you lock your knees or your stomach muscles?

To produce a good sounding voice the body has to be in a good state of balance, where every part makes its proper contribution to the action of the whole.

To obtain good use we must be free from habitual tensions.

Spend some time before you go any further with voice work in getting the body posture correct.

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